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Ordained ministers in the Anglican Church have answered a call from God and fill their role in the Church, not because they have been employed to it, but because they have been called to it. 


The guidelines that must be followed when appointing clergy can be found in Statute 17 The Waikato Diocesan Statue of Pastors.  In communication with the Bishop, it is important for a parish to assess the situation spiritually before embarking on the nomination and appointment process.
In addition, the Registrar-Manager can assist a parish to assess the situation financially.


Expenditure by clergy on items or activities related to the exercise of ministry, such as books, travel, supervision, and spiritual direction, is paid by way of reimbursement but only on the presentation of invoices or receipts.  Please see the Finance page for forms.
It is strongly recommended that in order to protect clergy all gratuity income, for example from funerals and weddings, be paid to the treasurer and shown as church income.


One of the conditions of holding the Bishop's licence is that you (being ordained and licenced) receive Supervision and Spiritual Direction from an approved practitioner on a regular basis. It is expected that all licenced* clergy will receive supervision or spiritual direction every month. At the very least this will mean six sessions of supervision and six sessions of spiritual direction every year.
* Licenced Clergy are defined in Statue 17, s10(2). Please note, a PTO is not an ecclesiastical office.



The NZ Anglican Pension Board maintains a modest Health Fund and may assist clergy in circumstances where major medical help is required and where there is a limited ability of the patient to pay. In these cases the Health Fund may be able to assist.  Further information about this may be obtained from the Diocesan Office or from the NZ Anglican Pension Board.
If clergy do not already have some form of Medical Insurance, they are encouraged to look into this. The Diocesan clergy group scheme is with Southern Cross on the Regular care package. If you and your family wish to investigate this further, please contact the Diocesan Office.
The Diocese will reimburse parishes for the removal costs incurred within New Zealand when a new stipended minister is appointed.  The Provincial preferred supplier is Crown Relocations however, you are not obliged to use them.  Three quotes must be obtained before engaging a supplier.  Please contact the Diocesan office for assistance with this.
Joining the Pension Fund is compulsory for full time stipendiary clergy under the age of 65 who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.  It is voluntary for those in less than full time ministry, but strongly encouraged.
Koinonia Kiwisaver Scheme is a Christian Kiwisaver Scheme available to:
"Employees of organisations whose primary activities are in our opinion Christian mission or ministry (including employees of charitable entities associated with or operating in the Christian Church, or employees of entities which the Board approves as having a Christian special character); and
Persons who express a Christian faith and a commitment to Christian community involvement when applying (and immediate family members and dependants of those persons)."
Leave is covered in Statute 17 The Waikato Diocesan Statue of Pastors. In summary, and in the absence of alternative arrangements agreed to at the time of appointments, the default leave entitlements for stipendiary clergy in this Diocese are:
Two days leave each week, one of which involves recreation with prayer and/or study, to be taken in the week in which they are due, except Sunday. Alternatively but only with the approval of the Parish Wardens or their equivalent, a block of four consecutive days which must be taken in the calendar month in which they fall due.
Annual leave of four calendar weeks including four Sundays, taken in consultation with the Parish Wardens or their equivalent
Statutory holidays taken either on the day(s) designated in the legislation, or by agreement with the Parish Wardens or their equivalent, on another day within 28 days of the designated day(s)
Up to six days per annum for attending courses or seminars designed to encourage or develop ministry and, with Vestry or Parish Council approval, up to a further six days per annum for attending additional courses or seminars.
Long service leave may be taken according to Diocesan guidelines.
Parish clergy are responsible for arranging cover during absences or leave; clergy should also ensure that the following are notified in good time of holidays or other leave:

  • The Diocesan Office
  • The Archdeacon
  • The Parish Wardens
  • The Parish Secretary
  • Local Funeral Directors
  • Parish clergy should make appropriate arrangements for parish, hall and vicarage security.

The Diocese takes all complaints of misconduct very seriously. If you are aware of, or have experienced, a breach in Professional Standards on the part of anyone who holds a Bishops' Licence in the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki, and you wish to make a complaint, or make an inquiry about our complaints procedure, please see the complaints page.