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"Faith is not transmitted primarily by priests or pastors and academics, but rather by the loyal and inspired people of God."
Miroslav Volf, After our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity , 1998.

Imagine a home-group that not only engaged you in your faith but equipped you to share the Good News and deepened your relationship with God. Consider what it would be like to work with your peers and build relationships across the community from which you could launch the next phase of your ministry.

If you are willing to commit to LiFT you will be transformed by regular learning, prayer and reflection. This programme will guide you through Christian history, pastoral care, and church practice and encourage you to understand its application within your context.

To find out more, look at this video from Bishop Helen-Ann.

Our Vision

Jesus called out to them, “Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!”

As followers of Christ we are called together to be disciples and to proclaim the Good News of Jesus death and resurrection – of hope and reconciliation. The LiFT course is designed to enable and encourage you to do this. As a result of completing the course we hope that you will have a clearer picture of your calling and gifts. Ultimately we pray that this all helps bring the Kingdom of God through service and self-giving love.

Our Foundations

  1. You will be encouraged to bring your experience and expertise to your learning.
  2. You will be challenged to engage with what God is doing in your community.
  3. You will be guided and supported as you reflect on your practice and development.
  4. You will benefit from excellent organization, sound support, and practical materials.
  5. You will learn from experts with experience in each of the topics and themes presented.
  6. You will discover the rich traditions of the church and the value of group learning.
  7. You will see art, poetry and music celebrated.
  8. You will be supported with positive feedback and practical suggestions.

The Commitment

  • Weekly group learning during school term time from May to November (7-9pm)
  • A journal for capturing your experience and formation
  • Two assignments directly connected with your interests and ministry (optional)

The Results

  • Transformation toward the disciple God intends you to be.
  • New connections, friendships and opportunities.

  • Recognition from the Diocese and your community of all that you have achieved.

Delivery and Availability

  • Schedule: LiFT is available to all ministry units in the Diocese. Please contact your local Parish and Ven Stephen Black to find out where groups are gathering.
  • Teacher: Your local group will either choose to watch the pre-recorded videos (featuring Bishop Helen-Ann, Ven Stephen Black and Canon Dr Bryan Bang) or present the material in person.
  • Delivery: Local.
  • All graduates will receive a Bishop's Certificate in Living Faith Today.
  • Cost: there is no cost, but a donation toward printing and book costs is welcomed.


Session 1 – Introduction and overview 

Session 2 – Journaling and Journeying 

Session 3 – Why pray? What is prayer? 

Session 4 – The Old Testament 

Session 5 – The New Testament (Gospels & Acts) 

Session 6 – The New Testament (Epistles) 

Session 7 – The New Testament (Revelation) 

Session 8 – Ways to read and interpret the Bible 

Session 9 – Open Question Session 

Session 10 – Exploring Mission and Evangelism 

Session 11 – Living our Tikanga Rua Life 

Session 12 – What is theology? What is doctrine? 

Session 13 – The Triune God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit 

Session 14 – The Church, Salvation and Heaven 

Session 15 – Understanding the Sacraments 

Session 16 – Christian Vision and Discipleship 

Session 17 – Exploring Pastoral Care and Theology 

Session 18 – Principles of Preaching 

Session 19 – Worship and Liturgy 

Session 20 – Exploring Christian Ethics

Session 21 – Christianity and the Arts 

Session 22 – “Go now to love and serve the Lord”