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What is it that we can offer our communities in times of struggle and challenge? Many of us as Christians believe that God speaks to us in many different ways. But what happens when we're just a bit sad and weary? For some hearing from God seems a distant echo.

Many of us have varying experiences of lockdown. We've heard many stories of painting, home renovations and catching up on reading and enjoying the late autumn sun. However, for many we cannot share that same sense of peace or joy. For some of us the uncertainty of loved ones in possible risk as essential workers, the stress of loved ones we were unable to be with, the inability to travel or be with those who were sick or those who died. Caught in the grief of loved ones we couldn't share with. Perhaps you lost your job or lost income and security, perhaps like many you've found it hard to resume normal.

This is our humble attempt to help sooth weary souls with beautiful music, simple words and prayers all within our beautiful space.

Join Fr Cruz (Missioner for Kirikiriroa) and me as we offer a space for you to come and sit and be ministered to.

If you know someone who could benefit from an experience like this please invite them, or perhaps it's you, nau mai haere mai.

If you'd like to find out more feel free to ring:

Dean Wendy Scott | 078394683