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What is it?

Seasons for Growth is a peer support programme for people aged 5-18 who are suffering grief and loss through death or life-threatening illness of a parent or close relative; separation or divorce of parents; long-term imprisonment of a parent or close family member; long-term placement with foster parents; migration or other circumstances.

Support is provided in small, age-appropriate groups of young people who work alongside two volunteer adult companions. Each volunteer is police checked and undertakes a rigorous training programme prior to supporting young people. The programme runs for nine weekly sessions and guides young people along a structured journey to explore feelings and develop sustainable coping strategies for grief and loss. Our programmes operate in New Plymouth, North/Central Taranaki, South Taranaki, Katikati and Waihi.

What can you do?

  • We are seeking anyone interested in being a Volunteer Companion. We are particularly interested in working with anyone who has experience of Seasons for Growth who may like to be a part of this important outreach. (Please see contact details below to make an inquiry.)
  • We would love for you to sponsor a group of children.
  • Please help us build up our library with good resources (see the recommended booklist below).

Where can you find them?

New Plymouth
Coordinator: Judy Wood
P: 0277 033 769
E: newplymouth@seasonsfg.org.nz

Coordinator: Dallas Madsen 
E: katikati@seasons.org.nz

Coordinator: Dallas Madsen 
E: waihi@seasons.org.nz

Central Taranaki
Coordinator: Tania Hanlon
P: 027 8010 633
E: central@seasonsfg.org.nz

South Taranaki
Coordinator: Sharon Albrechtsen
P: 027 5346 067
E: south@seasonsfg.org.nz