​ Diocesan Formation Programme

Formation is a three-fold process of prayer, learning, and reflection. During the course of each year we will explore some of the significant strands of ordained ministry. The proposed sessions will enable you to hear the experiences of your colleagues and ask questions.

Attendance at the Formation Programme is by invitation and ordinarily a reflection on your status as an ordinand, or someone recently ordained. 
The previous few years of programme are outlined below. 

Each session is delivered by video conference one evening per month and includes one retreat per annum.
After every session you are asked to complete one theological reflection. This may take one of many forms: a piece of art, poem, blog, sermon, teaching plan, resource ... The key objective is to engage practically with the topic, our faith and your ministry. Ideally the finished product will be something you can share and use to engage the others. 


Thursdays, 6-8pm: live in Charlotte Brown House and online via Zoom. 

  • February 20: A Theology of Ordination: Apostolic Succession, Orders, Holy Life
  • March 19: Euthanasia and Palliative Care
  • April 16: Parish Reviews and Mission Action Planning
  • May 21: Dysfunction and Conflict
  • June 10-11: Clergy Conference
  • July 16: Next Church - an exploration of emerging models of church
  • August 7-9: Annual Retreat - Friday night to Sunday afternoon (Piopio)
  • September 17: Stewardship
  • October 15: Deliverance Ministry
  • November 19: Social Transformation 
  • Pre-ordination Retreat: 26-28 November (Sacraments)
  • Ordination: November 28


    • February 14: Confirmation
    • March 14: Pastoral Care
    • April 4: Evangelism
    • May 9: Interfaith Dialogue
    • June 13: Healing and Anointing
    • July 10-12: Te Huinga | The Gathering (Hamilton Airport Convention Centre)
    • August 16-18: Annual Retreat
    • September 12: Tikanga Rua
    • October 10: Social Transformation
    • November 14: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
    • November 28-30: 6pm to 10am - Pre-ordination Retreat (Ordination Service November 30)   


    • February 24 – Easter, Lent and Holy Week
    • March 22 - ANZPB
    • April 26 - Ecclesiology
    • May 24 – The Eucharist
    • June 28 - Baptism
    • July 19 – Statutes and Strategies
    • July 26-27: The Gathering (all clergy)
    • August: 24-26 (Retreat)
    • October 4 - Funerals
    • November 1 - Marriage
    • Pre-ordination retreat (for those being ordained): Thursday Nov 22 evening to Saturday Nov 24 morning (before ordination)


    • Feb 16 (Thursday)Conflict and Dysfunction: strategies for confronting gatekeeping, establishing healthy communcation, and dealing with conflict. (Rev Stephen Black)
    • March 23 (Thursday)Palliative Care and Theology (Rev Sandy Neale)
    • April 6 (Thursday)Deliverance Ministry (Rev Chee Keong Yong)
    • May 18 (Thursday)Social Transformation: Simon Cayley (CEO Bishops' Action Foundation)
    • June 15 (Thursday)'NextChurch': an exploration of emerging trends in Christianity (Rev Stephen Black)
    • July 28-30 RetreatGully Farm Stays: Friday 6pm (for dinner) concluding after lunch on Sunday
    • August (The Feast)
    • September 20 (Thursday)Spiritual Formation PT2 (Stephen) - What is the relationship between Spiritual Formation and Discipleship?
    • October 26 (Thursday)Religious Education to Teenagers: How to get the Message across - Rev Dr Theo van der Nest
    • November 16 (Thursday)Youth MInistry: Where it's at (Two turntables and a microphone) - Darcy Perry

    2016 Programme

    • February 3: Lent and Easter Theology: Lent, Holy Week, Easter Day Resources
    • March 9: Confirmation:  What is confirmation? How to prepare people for confirmation. Developing a post-confirmation support plan
    • April 20: Pastoral CareTheology of pastoral Care. Hospital Visiting and Chaplaincy. Verbatim and self-reflection
    • May 18: Evangelism. A theology of mission and evangelism. 5 marks of mission. Evangelism and ‘Kiwi culture’.
    • June 17-19: Retreat Slow Church
    • July 20: Interfaith Dialogue. How do we relate to people of other faiths? How can we work and pray with people of other faiths? How do we maintain the integrity of all parties?
    • August 17: Healing and AnointingTheology of healing. How and when to anoint. Unction. Reconciliation/Confession
    • September 21: Tikanga Rua
    • October 12: Social Transformation. Social justice. Structures. Influencing change.
    • November 16: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

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