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Motion 7 Roadshow

The Motion 7 Roadshow is intended to explain the effects of General Synod’s response to the question of same-gender relationship blessing. It is a 90-120 minute presentation and includes the opportunity for participants to provide their feedback to help the Bishop understand what their views are.Here are five important things to keep in mind as you approach this roadshow:This can be a highly emotive discussion

  • It is not an opportunity to re-examine the theology of same-gender relationships
  • It is not a discussion about “gay marriage” (which is forbidden by Anglican Canons) but same-gender relationship blessings
  • Nobody has to change their views on same-gender relationships
  • There is a wide diversity of experiences, beliefs, and strongly held convictions
For more information please contact stephen@wtanglican.nz

Diocesan Team Members

Haydn Burke, Sue Court, Malcolm French, Sue Burns, Stephen Black and Imogene Burgess

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General Synod Representatives from the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki describe their experience of GS2018 and the Motion 7 debate. This was recorded at our Diocesan Synod in September 2018 and forms part of the Roadshow.