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Holy Week and Easter

holy week | day-by-day


This is the first opportunity to read the Passion Narrative in full (John 11:1-45). You could invite people to a zoom meeting where you can read this with several contributors. Or you could search the web for an existing version which you believe will resonate with your community.


This is the day we remember Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. There are several popular film versions scattered across youtube (live action and cartoon).  

  • Bible Project: Context leading up to Palm Sunday (7.47) (Contemporary, educational)
  • Palm Sunday chant: Duxerunt Pullum Ad Jesum (3.55) (Traditional, reflective)
  • Palm Sunday: Spoken Gospel & Lumo Project  (4.21) (Live action with voice over, traditional imagery, contemporary message)
  • Search web for your favourite Palm Sunday songs and share the links. 
  • Take a large punga frond (or equivalent) on your daily local walk and post a picture on social media...  
  • Take a virtual tour of ancient Jerusalem (search online)

MONDAY | The Anointing

This is a great opportunity to run an online Bible study working with John 12:1-9 and the costly anointing. Explore the senses. Ask who people identify with and why? Reflect on the challenge that Judas raised. Ask if there any links to other stories of Mary and Martha. 


John 12:20-36 offers huge potential.

  • Bible Study (We would see Jesus, those who love their life will lose it, unless a grain falls into the ground and dies ...)
  • A planting project at home
  • "Confronting our mortality" - Ask people to reflect on their sense of mortality in the current environment. Invite them to write music, poetry, reflection, etc.  


Also known as Spy Wednesday, this is the day many parishes celebrate Tenebrae (a service of readings and the extinguishing of candles).


On this day we remember Christ's command (hence 'Maundy') to celebrate the Eucharist. It is also the day we recognise that the emphasis of John's Gospel at the last supper is the foot washing. We encourage you to develop an event that invites everyone in a bubble to wash each other's feet. You will also need to give thought to how people living on their own can be included. 

good friday

Today we remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Audio Experience

Holy Saturday | Limbo

The experience of living in limbo is more familiar to many of us now than ever before. Holy Saturday invites us to reflect on what it means to wait; to hope and to anticipate. Invite people to share their experience of the lockdown and on how that relates to this holy day. 

Easter Day