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“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46

“In meditation we leave behind our limitations and learn to be open to the limitless being of God.” John Main

Meditation is an ancient form of prayer. It is found throughout the ages of the Christian tradition and today it is widely recognised as a form of prayer that is relevant and much needed for modern people. It is a prayer of silence, stillness and attention. It is often referred to as the prayer of the heart.

In meditation we allow the mind and body to become still and silent so we can be in the presence of ‘Christ in us’. We learn in this way to become less distracted and more present to God and ourselves and to those we live and work with.

Meditation is simple. It is not easy. It doesn’t replace other forms of prayer. On the contrary it can help to deepen our experience of all other prayer practices.

The World Community for Christian Meditation was founded by Fr John Main, the Benedictine monk who did so much to recover this tradition of prayer for all people.

“When we meditate, we are still, body, soul and spirit, entirely open to the presence of God, and knowing that presence to be pure love, pure gentleness, pure forgiveness. In that presence, we become who we truly are, created by God, redeemed by the love of Jesus, temples of the Holy Spirit. In that experience, we are made utterly free, free to be ourselves, free to love ourselves, our neighbour and God.” John Main

If you are interested in finding out about Christian Meditation, to experience the practice in a small group, to learn about its origins and to discover its relevance as a form of prayer for the contemporary world you are welcome to come along to a meditation group. The format is a short introduction or talk, sometimes using a CD, then 20 minutes silence for meditation, followed by a closing prayer and the opportunity for discussion and questions. There are also online groups available.

Six week Introduction Christian Meditation can be arranged on request.

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Free | Online | 6-Week Introduction

A rolling 6-week programme in which you learn about the origins of Christian Meditation  and experience how it's practiced. 

We meet on Zoom.  

Contact Rosie at 021 933 624, email

World Community for Christian Meditation (New Zealand)  and

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January 18th – 21st 2021 Silent Retreat
University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ

You are invited to come on a journey towards freedom, peace and harmony with early desert Christians as companion and guide. We will consider ancient vulnerabilities, how to recognise them today and the implications for our own spiritual path.
Led by Rev Rosie Dell from The NZ Community for Christian Meditation
For more information see
our website: or contact Linda Polaschek ph 04 4797955; 020 4797955

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