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A Resurrection Story: St David's and St George's

In 2014, the community that met at Rifle Range Road in Dinsdale experienced a devastating schism. In the wake of this event only a handful of people resolutely remained. They were difficult times; but out of the ashes the faithful assembled to give thanks to God, to pray, and to break bread together. Today we celebrate their tenacity, love for God, and commitment to the people of Dinsdale and Frankton. They have truly embraced the crisis as an opportunity, and joined the Holy Spirit where it has been at work. This courageous group set a new precedent in the Diocese when it chose to welcome another Christian group to the church-site (Te Rautini). Although the path has not always been easy, they have persevered and are beginning to see the fruits of this nascent collaboration. Likewise, we give thanks that this relationship has resulted in Aaron Hardy joining the bishopric as Waikato Youth Coordinator. This deeply committed congregation have a ministry and mission of hospitality which is reflected in many other ways, too. The complex is home to a number of community groups including Plunket, craft market, Atmosphere Kids (after school care), a Selwyn Centre, and  K'aute Pasifika. Furthermore, an exciting new relationship with Frankton School sees the congregation collect food and non-perishables every week for families in need. In support of this, a Community Garden has been established on church land. This is tended by staff and children from the school, with all produce going back to school families. The outward focus demonstrated by the parish reminds us we are called to serve.

And that's not all. Last week we celebrated the first ordained vocation to come out of the parish in recent years. We are delighted to announce that Reverend Dr Theo van der Nest was ordained deacon by Archbishop Philip in the Chapel of St George. At the end of next week, the Reverend Colin Neal will be ordained priest at the Cathedral Church of St Peter.

Please remember the people of St David's and St George's, their new clergy, their priest-in-charge (Reverend Sandy Neal), and the whole team.